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State Council approves Changchun’s city plan

Updated: Jul 3,2017 5:13 PM

The State Council has approved the overall urban planning (2011-2020) for Changchun, the capital city of China’s Jilin province.

Changchun is a major city and an important industrial base in Northeast China. It is also a national historic and cultural city.

Coordinated urban and rural development was urged in the designated area of 7,293 square kilometers.

According to the plan, the population of permanent residents in downtown Changchun will be capped at 4.25 million by 2020, and the city’s urban construction land limited to 445 square kilometers. No new districts or development zones will be allowed beyond the approved areas.

The State Council also urged the Changchun government to develop land resources in a reasonable way, strictly control any additional construction land and enhance the efficiency of land use.

The local government is also required to improve low carbon and green urban infrastructure, and establish a comprehensive transportation system.

The plan also suggests the government should control pollutants and speed up overcapacity retirement, while creating a people-friendly city through methods such as strengthening the sewage and recycling system and improving consumption efficiency of water resources. Meanwhile, disaster prevention work should receive great attention.

The plan stressed conservation of the city’s historical and cultural heritage as well as its unique landscape.

In addition, the provincial government of Jilin and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development should enhance guidance, supervision and inspections to ensure implementation of the plan.