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State Council approves city plan for Fushun

Updated: Sep 18,2017 5:00 PM

The State Council has approved the overall urban plan (2011-2020) of Fushun, a city in Northeast China’s Liaoning province.

Fushun is an important industrial base in Liaoning province and the subcenter of the Shenyang economic area.

According to the plan released on Sept 18, urban and rural areas in the city should be managed in a coordinated way. The public utilities and infrastructure in urban areas should provide service to surrounding villages.

Till 2020, land for construction in Fushun should be limited to 172.5 square kilometers, with the downtown population set at less than 1.5 million. No economic development zones or new areas are allowed to be built outside the planned construction area. Land should be saved and developed in an efficient way. Farmland should be protected.

The plan urges improving the city’s infrastructure. More highways, railways, parking lots should be built. Underground infrastructure should be improved with the construction of a upgraded water supply, drainage facilities and utility tunnel. The subsidence area due to coal mining should be treated.

The State Council plans to build an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly city out of Fushun, cutting backward capacity, controlling pollutant emissions and promoting bio-safely disposal of waste. The plan also advocates the efficient use of water, developing green architecture, and protecting nature reserves, wetlands and water sources.

People’s living condition should be improved by providing more quality public services on education, healthcare and civil affairs. Construction of low-cost housing should be ensured. Shanty towns, urban villages and dangerous buildings should be renovated and improved.

The city’s historic sites should be protected, especially factory relics and the city’s traditional landscape and structure.