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Govt plans to build national technology transfer system

Updated: Sep 26,2017 8:00 PM

The State Council has released a plan to build a national technology transfer system.

A national technology transfer system is conducive to capitalization and industrialization of sci-tech achievements and innovative development in China, the circular stated.

It sets a target of building a basic national technology transfer system and a market of technologies by 2020, embedded with market-oriented technological transfer institutions, professionals and extensive international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

By 2050, a mature national system for technology transfer will be built, and the technology market will be fully developed, with various innovation entities coordinating with each other in an efficient way.

Enterprises are encouraged to take a major part in R&D of technological projects that will enter the market. Also, national technology innovation centers and manufacturing innovation centers should support transfer and diffusion of key technologies.

More efforts will be made to develop technologies to improve people’s livelihood, including environment governance, targeted poverty alleviation, population and health, and public security.

To build a uniform and open technological market, the circular urged setting up a national technology transaction network, and stepping up development of technology market equipped with improved services, the circular stated.

The circular also encouraged universities and research institutes to set up technology transfer institutions, and private intermediaries to provide professional services, under improved government guidance and public services.

Besides, the circular stressed efforts to enrich the technology transfer talent pool.

Sci-tech researchers are welcome to start businesses by taking temporary post, taking part-time job, or leaving post, in a way to transfer the sci-tech results to small and medium-sized enterprises. Also, maker spaces and open innovation platforms are encouraged to bolster the startups.

The circular stressed information sharing on military-civil technological integration, and technology transfer in some key areas, such as Beijing, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Economic Zone.

China will conduct technological cooperation and transfer with countries along the Belt and Road, the circular stated.

Besides, special funds, strengthened protection of intellectual property rights, and integrated technological results sharing platform will be in place to promote China’s technology transfer.