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China regulates environmental audits

Updated: Nov 29,2017 9:38 AM     Xinhua

China has introduced a trial regulation to audit outgoing officials’ management of natural resources.

According to the regulation by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, audits will be carried out on the performance in implementing environmental policies and guidelines.

Other audit content includes whether officials have acted in compliance with the law and requirements relating to natural resource management and environmental protection, as well as the use of funds.

The regulation states that the audit offices will also evaluate changes in natural resources within officials’ administrative areas during their terms, analyze the reasons behind the changes and determine to what extent the officials are accountable for these changes when they leave the office.

Since 2015, pilot projects have been conducted in cities including Loudi in Hunan and Hulun Buir in Inner Mongolia.

By October 2017, 827 pilot projects were completed, and more than 1,200 officials had been audited, according to the National Audit Office.