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State Council to clear up regulations on property rights protection

Updated: May 14,2018 6:58 PM

The State Council has released a circular regarding clearing up existing regulations and documents associated with property rights protection.

This is aimed at protecting economic property rights and other legal rights of various ownerships based on laws and equality, with a favorable legal environment in place, in a bid to boost market entities’ vitality in innovation and entrepreneurship and push forward continuous healthy economic development.

According to the circular, the work covers regulations formulated by governments at several levels, including provincial, autonomous regional, municipal, cities divided into districts and autonomous prefectures, as well as departments under the State Council.

The work, the circular said, focuses on stipulations violating the equal protection of all ownership economy entities’ property rights, rights of use, managerial rights, rights to yields and more; stipulations improperly restricting enterprises from exercising rights of production and management and hindering enterprises and citizens from real estate transactions, as well as stipulations discriminately treating economic entities of different ownerships in terms of market access and the utilization of production factors, among others.

The work will be carried out under the principles of accountability. Regulations and normative documents issued by authorities above county level will be taken care of by the original policymakers, the circular said.

All departments of the State Council, when conducting the clearing up work, should present specific suggestions, amendment plans, and justifications for amendment and abolishment, and launch public inquiries, if anything in the laws and regulations found to be against property rights protection.

Local governments and departments of all levels are required to understand the significance of the clearing up work, lay out specific plans, clarify the division of labor and duration, and efficiently carry out tasks.

Additionally, the implementation of the work entails strengthened supervision and examination, the establishment of a long-acting mechanism for screening regulations on property rights protection, and dynamic clearing up work to improve property rights protection.

In addition, the circular said any departments that are found to be lax in the clearing up tasks will be held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.