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State Council to regulate function adjustment in institutional reform

Updated: Jun 5,2018 7:52 PM

As the 13th National People’s Congress has passed a massive institutional reform plan, the functions of a list of ministries and commissions will be reshuffled. The State Council recently released a decision to regulate the function adjustment among old and new institutions.

According to the decision, new institutions should take up their functions and duties stated in the State institutional reform plan after finishing setting up. If the institutions have not been established, original institutions should continue their duties under the current administrative laws.

Local administrative institutions should follow the principle above.

If the superior institutions have finished their function adjustment but their inferiors have not, then the superior institutions should shoulder the responsibilities of supervision and guidance.

Departmental regulations or documents may need to be revised or abolished while implementing the State institutional reform plan, so related departments should clear those documents in time, according to the circular.