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Govt to further regulate human resources market

Updated: Jul 17,2018 1:29 PM

The State Council has approved an interim regulation on human resources market to further regulate the sector and promote efficient resource allocation in employment and entrepreneurship.

According to the regulation, human resources service provided in line with the law should also be fair and credible. And service standards should be improved to strengthen their role in guidance, regulation and supervision of the employment market.

To achieve that goal, related departments should encourage all social forces to take part in the development of human resource market, so as to allow the market play its decisive role in the human resource allocation.

Governments at or above county-level are required to establish online system that provides information on the demand and supply of human resource in the local industries and market. International cooperation and exchanges on human resources based on equality and mutual benefits are also encouraged.

Local governments or agencies should not set unlawful restrictions on the rational movement of human resources, in terms of household registration, birth place or identity.

Currently, the two major types of institutions that provide human resources service are public and profitable human resource institutions. Profitable institutions can only start their intermediary business after obtaining permission from human resource and social insurance administrations. Along with providing free service, public institutions should also boost their information system and enhance their service quality.

Recruiting agencies and human resources institutions should follow code of conduct on internet security, and ensure the credibility and legality of the recruiting information released to the public through discrete checking. Any discriminative and confidential information contents should not be disclosed or leaked to job applicants. Besides, the two sides should not abuse their power to infringe on individual’s legal rights.

Human resources and social insurance administrations will carry out random supervision on the work of profitable human resources institutions. The results will be released to public through national enterprises credibility online system or other channels.

In addition, those who break the regulation will face fines, penalties or criminal liability according to the severity of their cases.

The regulation will take effect on Oct 1, 2018.