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State Council to regulate extracurricular training institutions

Updated: Aug 22,2018 8:44 PM

The State Council issued a document on Aug 22 to regulate extracurricular training institutions, as a measure to ease students’ heavy workload.

The curriculum content in extracurricular training institutions should not surpass state curriculum standards. No homework shall be assigned to students.

The institutions should reach certain standards regarding facility, health, fire control and teachers’ qualifications.

They should get a permit to run a school from the local education authority and apply for a business license. Public middle and primary schools are forbidden to set upextracurricular training institutions.

The details of charges by training institutions shall be made public and subject to government supervision, and no other fees outside the list shall be charged.

These institutions should open their annual reports to the public and accept annual inspection from the local education authority.

The names and main information of institutions that have permits and business licenses will be published on government websites.

Extracurricular training institutions that are launched without official permits and are in violation of the law and regulations shall be punished and blacklisted.

Public middle and primary schools should improve their teaching quality and provide better extracurricular services.