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State Council agrees to establish joint session for transport sector

Updated: Aug 1,2018 6:54 PM

The State Council has agreed to set up an inter-ministerial joint session to promote and coordinate supervision on new business formats in the transport sector.

The session will be in charge of improving the laws and regulations of new formats in the transport sector, establish and improve the cross-department monitoring system, and better manage the industry and cope with emergencies.

The session is chaired by Yang Chuantang, Party committee secretary of the Ministry of Transport, and Li Xiaopeng, minister of transport, with members from ministries, departments and bureaus, including the ministries of public security and justice, and the State Administration for Market Regulation.

According to the plan, a plenary joint session will be held every year, and special meetings will be held as needed. Major decisions made by the session will be submitted to the State Council for approval.

The State Council also urges the session members to strengthen coordination, report major issues and share information with related departments to cope with problems.