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State Council approves plan for Xiongan New Area

Updated: Jan 2,2019 4:29 PM

The State Council, China’s cabinet, recently approved the overall development plan (2018-2035) for Xiongan New Area, a guideline to build the region with international standards and Chinese characteristics.

According to the plan, Xiongan, an area planned to undertake the noncapital functions of Beijing, should protect ecological environment, stick to green development, and highlight people’s livelihood.

With a firm hold on its strategic position, Xiongan should be built as a key region of Hebei province near Beijing, while the nation is preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the plan stated.

To better take on the noncapital functions of Beijing, the plan also urged the new area to improve infrastructure and optimize the business environment with better public services. According to the plan, universities, research institutes, medical institutions, corporate headquarters, financial institutions, and public institutions will be moved to Xiongan.

The plan set a strict line for ecological protection, permanent farmland, and boundary of cities and counties. Green land and clean water will account for 70 percent of the area, with overall development scale controlled within 30 percent in the future.

Meanwhile, the government will strengthen restoration of Baiyangdian lakes, raise afforestation, and improve air quality in the region, and a national park around Baiyangdian wetland is also planned.

Integrated urban and rural development and new urbanization are stressed. Population and industries will be properly guided and distributed, with work done to build distinctive towns and beautiful villages.

In terms of landscape, the plan stressed that urban design should demonstrate Chinese style, lake scenery, and innovative trends, and high-rise buildings will not be on the list.

To make Xiongan an ideal area for living and working, high-quality public service resources will be introduced, and a shared, multi-layered, and comprehensive basic public service network will be built.

The plan also emphasizes a housing system with balanced weight on renting and purchasing and prohibits large-scale commercial real estate.

At the same time, the rail and road networks among Xiongan, Beijing, Tianjin, nearby cities, and Beijing Daxing International Airport will be connected at a faster pace. A diversified, convenient, green, and smart public traffic system will also be built in the area.

The area, as required in the plan, will promote low-carbon living, production, and city operation, build intensive and efficient water supply system, and optimize energy structure with well-arranged underground facilities.

To become a global leading innovative city, high-end industries, talent and innovative enterprises will be introduced, and the area will take a step ahead in smart infrastructure, including integrated, safe, and ubiquitous broadband communication network and multi-source sensing system.

Urban security, disaster prevention, and stable supply of clean energy are also highlighted in the plan.