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China to promote poverty alleviation through consumption

Updated: Jan 14,2019 5:32 PM

The State Council has issued a guiding opinion on promoting poverty alleviation through consumption.

According to the State Council circular released on Jan 14, poverty alleviation through consumption means consumption of goods and services provided by people in poor areas as a way to increase their income and help lift them out of poverty.

Government organs, State-owned enterprises and public institutions should take the lead in the campaign, relatively developed provinces and cities should build long-term supply and marketing relationships with their partners in underdeveloped areas, and private enterprises are encouraged to purchase goods and services from those areas, according to the circular.

To expand circulation and marketing channels for agricultural products from poor areas, large cities and poverty-stricken areas will be given support to grow a batch of enterprises in circulation facilities construction, supply-chain services and production base construction.

Also, poverty-stricken areas will be given support to improve network infrastructure, and to enhance rural people’s ability to use the internet, e-commerce operators in rural areas will have access to professional services in business operation and personnel training.

Also, the State Council encouraged poor areas to build a batch of local warehouses and cold storage facilities for enterprises to rent and reduce their costs.

Improving the supply and quality of agricultural products in poor areas was highlighted in the circular. Efforts will be made to promote cooperation between farmers, cooperatives and enterprises, and develop contract farming in poverty-stricken areas.

According to the circular, poverty-stricken areas are encouraged to build regional-based brands for special agricultural products and promote them on new media platforms.

The circular also urged efforts to upgrade agri-tourism in poor areas by improving road conditions and rural environment.