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State Council approves plan for Hengqin International Recreation Island

Updated: Apr 1,2019 7:35 PM

The State Council has approved the plan for the construction of Hengqin International Recreation Island, requiring implementation of related measures.

According to the decision, construction of the island will be centered around the Greater Bay Area’s development, with efforts to speed up the creation of a modern industrial system focusing on recreation and tourism, and to deepen the cooperation between South China’s Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and Macao. It also will bolster Macao’s economy and establish demonstrated zones of further integration of the Greater Bay Area.

In the meantime, a new mode of building international recreational islands will be explored by pushing forward ecosystem civilization with an emphasis on environmental friendliness and energy savings. Demonstrated free trade zones will be promoted and there will be more opening-up and cooperation.

With such efforts, Hengqin will be built to become an international standard recreation and tourist island and gain a reputation for its forward thinking, supreme quality, priority in the ecosystem, and coordinated and wise development.

The implementation, to be carried out by the Guangdong government, will be guided and supported by related departments of the State Council. The National Development Reform Commission is required to report to the State Council if any major issue is found during its inspection.