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State Council issues plan to fund vocational training

Updated: May 24,2019 8:17 PM

The State Council on May 24 issued a plan on a vocational education program that pledges to provide subsidy-supported training for 50 million workers in three years.

The plan aims to upskill workforces and foster entrepreneurship.

Skilled workers should by 2021 account for over 25 percent of the total workforce, and high-skill workers should account for at least 30 percent of all skilled workers.

Special action plans on vocational training will be offered to poor workers, laid-off workers, veterans, people with disabilities, and students from poor families.

Subsidies will be offered to college graduates, enterprise employees, and employers in vocational training.

Training for high-skill workers should be strengthened, while some leading high-skilled talent should be sent abroad for training.

The government will encourage enterprises to establish vocational training centers and promote vocational schools to offer training to workers and those living in poor conditions.

The plan asks local governments to provide more funding for vocational training by earmarking 100-billion-yuan (about $14.8 billion) in unemployment insurance funds and other training capital.

The plan also calls for innovations in the vocational training curriculum, with a particular focus on professions in short supply, in new industries and startup management, according to the plan.

Government should improve services for people involved in vocational training and improve evaluations of professional qualifications, said the plan.