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Guidelines on rural industry revitalization released

Updated: Jun 28,2019 9:19 PM

The State Council on June 28 released a document outlining guidelines on promoting rural industry revitalization.

The document calls for efforts to develop rural industries with unique local features, give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

The development of whole industrial and value chains should be accelerated, and secondary and tertiary industries depending on rural resources should be supported in rural areas to create profits and jobs for villagers.

It also sets goals to achieve a remarkable share of added value of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries in county-level GDP within five to 10 years, building a complete rural industrial system with widening access to profits for rural residents.

According to the guidelines, modern planting and breeding industries should be enhanced, and the special protection mechanism for permanent farmlands should be delivered with more high-standard farmlands built.

Meanwhile, efforts should be made to develop planting and breeding industries with local characteristics and intensify the protection of local resources.

Major-grain producing regions with distinctive agricultural products should be encouraged to develop their farm product processing industries.

Rural tourism, the new rural service industry, and Internet Plus modern agriculture with big data will also be promoted.

The industrial layout of rural areas should be well planned, eligible areas should build township-centric industrial clusters, and urban infrastructures and basic public service should be extended to rural areas, said the guidelines.

The guidelines also pledged more funds, technologies and talent for poverty-stricken regions to consolidate and expand industry-based poverty relief.

It also asks for more efforts to promote the integrated development of rural industries and an increase in industrial aggregation forces.

The green quality standard system for farm products will be refined and standard manufacturing will be promoted, it said, adding that agricultural brands will be fostered and the protection and use of agricultural resources will be strengthened.

It also requires work to upgrade innovation and entrepreneurship, and to encourage migrant workers, graduates of vocational colleges, veterans, and technology staffers to return home.

The fiscal mechanism, financial services, and guarantee of land and talent will be improved to support the revitalization drive.