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State Council to further standardize transparency in grassroots-level government services

Updated: Jan 08,2020 06:01 PM

The State Council on Jan 8 released a circular, urging further improvements and regulations in making public grassroots-level government services.

The transparency will proceed in a more targeted and timely manner, with Internet Plus government services fully implemented. Meanwhile, more innovation is needed in integrated publicity, accurate information push, smart searching, and other means to open government services.

According to the circular, grassroots-level governments should complete the list of service items for openness by the end of 2020 in accordance with standards set for the 26 pilot sectors by the State Council.

Government websites, e-government media platforms and such should play an active role in the disclosure of grassroots government services.

Government service zones should be clearly designated inside government service halls and community service centers.

Taking local competence and conditions into consideration, grassroots-level governments should pin down the range of items accessible to the public.

Conference systems concerning stakeholders, public representatives, experts, and media should be further improved.

Grassroots-level government should publicize government service items, guidelines, and procedures in an extensive and precise manner both online and offline.

The circular said grassroots-level governments should also inform the public about the latest policies by means of news conferences, briefings, and more, in a bid to establish better communication with the people.