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China’s manufacturing industry needs more ideas

Updated: Jan 29,2016 11:37 AM

At the State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on Jan 27, it was pointed out that the implementation of Made in China 2025 plays an active role in manufacturing industry upgrading. It is also part of structural reforms on the supply side. The State Council requires sticking to market orientation, guiding companies to adapt to and even lead the market.

In an era when labor is divided globally, those who can manufacture airplanes cannot produce all components. It does not mean they can set up perfect production systems in every industry. In some fields, what we fall behind on is not only technology, but also ideas and thinking patterns. There comes the question - When can “Made in China” add some value of wisdom?

Made in China 2025 provides such wisdom. Why do we promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation and where does wisdom come from? We are trying to collect wisdom from the masses. We should use the technology of Internet, big data and cloud computing.

To add more wisdom to China’s manufacturing industry, we should not only focus on goods for daily use, but our goal should include high-end facilities. Facilities for aerospace, ocean engineering equipment and high-tech transportation facilities are all stressed in Made in China 2025.

Adding wisdom to China’s manufacturing industry is the key to upgrading of the economy. We should be more innovative in investment, system and talent cultivation to stimulate vitality.