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Exploring TCM to benefit people’s health

Updated: Feb 15,2016 3:53 PM

At the State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on Feb 14, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was discussed, and it was decided that the combination of TCM and Western medicine should be promoted. It was also decided that more investment and policy support should be given to TCM to promote Internet Plus TCM healthcare and loosen the restrictions on TCM service.

TCM, as a quintessential Chinese practice, has been accepted by a growing number of countries. According to statistics from the World Health Organization and related groups, TCM has spread to 171 countries and regions; acupuncture has been used in 103 countries; there are over 80,000 traditional Chinese medical care organizations (including acupuncture centers); and the number of overseas people working in the field reached about 300,000.

In addition, statistics show that TCM has a big market, with annual sales of TCM manufacturing industry reaching around 500 billion yuan. China has also signed nearly 100 cooperation agreements and bilateral agreements in the field with foreign governments and related international organizations. There’s no doubt that TCM is benefiting more countries and people.

The State Council general office released a development plan on TCM healthcare (2015-2020), which means the government has made it national strategy and the TCM industry is facing good development opportunities.

It is meaningful for the government to promote the development of TCM. TCM can better provide care for the health of mankind and improve the standard of medical care worldwide. And the development of related industries can drive the development of the economy, improving the income of related groups of people. It can also promote export and foreign trade.

It is worth noting that some people still do not accept TCM. Therefore it is important to strengthen the promotion of TCM ideas and expand TCM foreign trade to create better understanding and a broader development space.