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Advanced standards to help promote quality of consumer goods

Updated: Aug 26,2016 2:22 PM

Using advanced standards to enhance quality of consumer goods and upgrading equipment manufacturing with improved quality of consumer goods serve as an effective way to expand domestic needs, promote exports, and build up a manufacturing power, experts said.

The State Council executive meeting on Aug 24 made a decision to introduce advanced standards to enhance quality of consumer goods and meet the upgrading consumption needs.

China now has preliminary standard system for consumer goods, with nearly 6,000 industrial standards on the records, but it needs further improvement in supply structure, brand competitiveness and domestic confidence in consumption.

The meeting pointed out that new type of standard system should be set up centered on consumer goods industries of huge demand and closely relating to people’s daily life, in which the government should made full use of market mechanism to develop the new-typed standards.

Zhao Jianbo, a research assistant at Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new standard system will further safeguard consumer’s rights and interests.

The mismatch between supply and demand in China’s manufacturing has led to excessive purchases abroad, which must be turned around through transforming more standards into international ones, Zhao said.

According to the meeting, the move to improve standards and quality of consumer goods should be integrated with equipment manufacturing to enhance products’ performance and function with good craftsmanship.

Enterprises should be motivated to enhance consumer goods’ quality and adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship in an aim to speed up the cultivation of innovative enterprises, experts said.