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Impoverished counties, villages urged to cultivate distinctive industries

Updated: Nov 17,2016 11:48 AM

The State Council executive meeting on Nov 15 decided to promote locally distinctive industries and products in impoverished counties and villages, as part of an effort to reduce poverty according to local conditions.

The government plans to bring 30 million people out of poverty through the development of industries before 2020. The 13th Five-Year Plan also put industrial development at the top of eight key missions for poverty relief.

Vice-Minister of Agriculture Yu Xinrong said industrial development plays a key role in targeted poverty relief efforts, such as relocating the poor, and shaking off poverty through the development of ecological industries and education.

“Industrial development is conducive to trigger the internal dynamics of poverty-stricken areas and population, and enhance self-development capability, to fundamentally help the poverty relief efforts,” said Yu.

Nine government departments and ministries, including the Ministry of Agriculture, National Development and Reform Commission, and State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, jointly issued a guideline on developing distinctive industries and promoting targeted poverty reduction in poor areas.

At present, poverty relief plans at provincial and county levels have been basically completed, along with special plans for agriculture, forestry and tourism in some regions.

Multiple policy support for industrial development in poor areas was also being considered, with the use of financial funds for agricultural development and integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and training new-type professional farmers.