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Govt policy moves from the past week (Jan 8-14)

Updated: Jan 16,2017 8:19 PM

Market, law enforcement, and education policies

The State Council executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Jan 11, decided to promote regional equity markets and financing channels for small to medium-sized enterprises, standard law enforcement of urban management officers, and education for people with disabilities.

Medical and health plan (2016-2020)

The State Council issued a circular on Jan 10 about the national medical and health plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020). Under the plan, a basic medical system covering all urban and rural citizens will be established by 2020 and life expectancy will surpass 77.3 years, one year older than the level in 2015.

Professional rankings reform

The State Council will start reforming professional rankings to increase the focus on contribution and ethical conduct. The changes are designed to enhance career development and to make the evaluation process more open and transparent. The reform will focus on ethics and innovation, and there will be no universal requirements in regard to foreign language ability or computer skills.

Smart government

A guideline was issued by the State Council on Jan 12 aimed at improving government services with the help of internet technologies such as big data and cloud computing. According to the guideline, an online platform will be established to coordinate inter-department and cross-region government services.

Lowering medicine prices

The Health Reform Office of the State Council joined with eight departments such as the National Health and Family Planning Commission to issue a circular on plans to regulate medicine procurement by public medical institutions. With better regulation, it’s hoped the cost of medicine will fall. Efforts will be made to expand such reform across the nation in 2018.

Rental subsidies for urban housing

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a circular regarding family rental subsidies for urban housing. According to the circular, rental subsidies will gradually become the main method to support urban housing. Properties that are less than 60 square meters in size are eligible for the subsidies.

Promotion of domestic dairy products

Five ministries including the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Development and Reform Commission released a development plan for the national dairy industry from 2016 to 2020. According to the plan, efforts will be made to strengthen regulation of infant dairy products and crack down on illegal dairy additives.

Online shopping regulation

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a circular in recent days, stipulating the no-hassle return policy for online sellers. According to the policy, consumers can return the goods which they bought online to the sellers within seven days and the sellers must accept the returns. The policy will come into effect on March 15, 2017.

Credit construction in transportation sector

The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a circular regarding credit construction in the transportation sector in a bid to regulate the transportation market and improve services. According to the circular, credit records will be kept for the transportation market concerning railway, waterway, and civil aviation business operators.