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Medium and small enterprises highlighted in Made in China 2025

Updated: May 18,2017 1:46 PM Business Network

The State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on May 17 deployed demonstration cities and zones to implement “Made in China 2025”, and to push forward the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

In the implementation process, integrated development among big, medium and small-sized enterprises should be supported and combined with “Internet Plus” and mass entrepreneurship and innovation, stressed Premier Li.

He also said that the Made in China 2025 strategy not only referred to big enterprises, but involved many medium and small enterprises, and that related plans and targeted measures are not aimed at only big companies, but at giving support to start-ups and small ones.

The Premier’s words displayed his concerns about medium and small enterprises, and also manifested that developing advanced manufacturing is not just for big companies, but also for creating small ones.

That position has been seen through real examples. Skilled craftsmen in ancient China often came from private workshops, and one of the world’s largest cellphone makers, Apple, also grew out of a workroom in a garage.

Therefore, medium and small enterprises should aim high, and help advance the development of smart manufacturing in Made in China 2025.

Besides aiming high, they should also depend on the merits of diligence and smarts of the Chinese people, and make full use of the talent resources of China, according to the Premier.