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Premier called for increased efforts on Healthy China initiative

Updated: Jul 25,2019 08:30 PM

Premier Li Keqiang on July 25 gave instructions to a Beijing teleconference on furthering the Healthy China initiative.

The Premier said that the Healthy China initiative and promotion of national health benefits both the country and the people.

In recent years, much work has been done to refine national health policies, deepen healthcare system reform, prevent diseases and promote health, which has led to remarkable improvements in people’s heath, said the Premier.

The Premier called for efforts to publicize health knowledge and encourage people and families to participate in the initiative and develop healthier lifestyles.

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan, also head of the promotion committee of the Healthy China initiative, addressed the meeting.

She stressed the need to steadily promote the plan and enhance people’s health.

Sun said that over 70 years, China’s healthcare development has made huge progress since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Today, she said, focus should be switched from treatment to people’s health, and the difficulties of access to medical services and expensive medical bills should also be solved.

While deepening medical system reform, healthcare knowledge should be promoted in classes, families, communities and enterprises, she said.

She said government should play a bigger role in health management and implement the national nutrition plan nationwide.

Meanwhile, she added, more work should be done in national fitness activities, sleep health and psychological counseling, as well as the health of women, children, teenagers, the elderly, and those living in poverty.

She also called for effective prevention of major illnesses, early diagnosis, and better treatment to prolong life expectancy.

Related departments and governments at all levels should fulfill their responsibilities and enhance coordination to ensure the Healthy China initiative is well implemented, she said.