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Premier praises medical workers

Updated: Aug 19,2020 09:01 PM

Premier Li Keqiang paid respect to medical workers across China in an instruction made on Aug 19, the country's third Medical Workers' Day.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, medical workers in China, bringing all their energies in epidemic control and treatment, have made prominent contributions to protecting people's lives and health, he said in the instruction.

He asked local governments and related departments to implement decisions made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to promote coordination in epidemic control and economic and social development.

They also were asked to advance reform and development in the health sector, strengthen development of medical workers, and cultivate an atmosphere that respects medical workers and values health, according to the instruction.

Premier Li expressed his hope that medical workers can continue to improve medical skills and services, and make new contributions to building a healthy China and maintaining people's health.

The symposium on 2020 Medical Workers' Day also was held in the Great Hall of the People on Aug 19. Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, extended her greetings to all medical workers in her speech.

She said all medical workers should place the people and their lives first and continue to uphold the spirit demonstrated in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, medical workers came out boldly and rushed to regions in a grave situation caused by the pandemic. Their nonstop fight and unswerving contributions ushered in great strategic breakthroughs in COVID-19 prevention, Sun said.

Nearly 80,000 cured cases, including 10,000 that were critical, and zero clinical fatalities since the middle of April fully demonstrate medical worker's benevolence and consummate medical skills.

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic persists, rigorous regular epidemic prevention measures should be taken to prevent imported cases and local relapses, with related tasks fulfilled, highlighting regular diagnosis and treatment resumption, deepening of healthcare reform and the national hygienic campaign.

Departments concerned nationwide should actively promote medical workers' exemplary meritorious deeds, fully implement all incentive policies, and create a good atmosphere of respecting medical workers and stressing public health, Sun said.