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Premier issues certificates to new counselors and researchers

Updated: Aug 19,2020 09:22 PM

Premier Li Keqiang, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, granted certificates to new counselors with the State Council and new researchers at the China Central Institute for Culture and History on Aug 19.

The new counselors are Zhu Guangyao, Wang Zhaoxing, Ge Jianping, Wang Lifang, Dai Qionghai, Li Wei, Jiao Hongchang, Liu Yi, Liu Yuanli, Zhu Tong, and Du Yingfen. And the new researchers at the China Central Institute for Culture and History are Chen Li, Chen Xiaoming, Su Shishu, Dong Zhenghe, Yang Jingmao, Xu Shihong, and He Jiaying.

After the ceremony, Premier Li made a keynote speech. He said it is a pioneering work for the Party's united front to build the government's counselor system and the China Central Institute for Culture and History amid the construction of the State system.

In the past 70 years, counselors and researchers have made positive contributions to national economic and social development, the inheritance of Chinese culture, and the government’s scientific and democratic decision-making.

Premier Li congratulated newly-appointed counselors and researchers and asked them to actively offer suggestions on national development, which is key to all issues.

Against the backdrop of the unprecedented COVID-19 impact and complicated economic status, the Premier said he hopes that more targeted and forward-looking suggestions can be made to safeguard stable economic development with annual economic missions fulfilled.

In the meantime, people's well-being calls for sufficient attention, Premier Li said. The newly-appointed counselors and researchers should keep in close contact with the masses and focus on all types of related issues, including employment, healthcare, senior care services, and day care.

They should investigate all issues, report them in a practical and realistic manner, and present workable solutions in an effort to help policy-making better meet people's requirements for improved life conditions, the Premier noted.

He asked them to carry forward outstanding Chinese culture to the younger generation with a professional and craftsmanship spirit, adding that their research results and policy suggestions should be well-studied and implemented by all departments.

Premier Li said the Counselors' Office and the China Central Institute for Culture and History should continue to help solve issues and difficulties in surveys, participation of State affairs, creative work and innovation, and contribute pragmatic suggestions.

You Quan, secretary of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat and head of the United Front Work Department, attended the activity.

State Councilor and Secretary-General of the State Council Xiao Jie announced the appointments.