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Premier demands favorable environment for talents

Updated: May 11,2021 21:33 PM

Premier Li Keqiang on May 11 presided over a symposium with high-level and highly-skilled talents who receive government special allowances.

Premier Li is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Vice-Premier Han Zheng, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the symposium as well.

During the symposium, talent representatives made suggestions on improving the allowances system, enhancing basic research, increasing support for skilled and young talents and promoting international exchanges.

The Premier praised the talents’ innovative efforts and down-to-earth attitudes, as well as their contributions to economic and social development, and the promotion of Chinese traditional cultures.

He also required related departments to study the representatives’ suggestions carefully.

Offering government special allowances is an important mechanism for the Party and the nation to show respect, care and support for talents, which has obtained remarkable achievements since it was adopted 30 years ago, Premier Li said.

The mechanism emphasized honorary awards instead of material ones, effectively inspiring vast scientific researchers and highly-skilled talents to bring out their best and devote themselves to building and developing the nation, he added.

Under the new situation, related departments should further improve the talent incentive mechanism, pool wisdom and strengths, and push forward high-quality development to embark on a new journey towards a socialist modern country.

It is necessary to rely on talents and the hardworking and intelligent people to push forward the construction of socialist modernization, Premier Li said.

It is unprecedented in mankind’s history for a country like China, with a population of 1.4 billion, to realize modernization, and there exist many challenges, while a powerful force can be forged to drive modernization if the abundant human resources are fully used, he said.

He added that talents must be cared for, and selected without overstressing qualifications, to help them come out in large numbers.

Premier Li stressed valuing basic skills training, basic knowledge and theory learning, and the study of excellent Chinese traditional culture classics in talent cultivation. He also urged intensifying support to basic research and long-term research.

He called for efforts to promote the spirit of science, craftsmanship and professionalism in the whole society, and cultivate more skilled talents who constantly strive for excellence.

The Premier urged improvements in the special allowances system to better guide and stimulate the growth of the talented people.

Efforts also should be made to enhance international exchanges and cooperation, and learn about the excellent achievements of human civilization to enhance capability in innovation and creativity in a win-win situation, Premier Li added.

An atmosphere should be created for different types of talents to display their abilities, Premier Li said. Economic and social development includes not only a favorable business environment, but also an environment that is conducive to talents’ growth.

Administrative reform should be deepened, as well as reforms concerning the educational system and scientific and technological systems, to remove all kinds of unreasonable restrictions. In this way research teams could have larger autonomous rights.

Management style should be innovative, and a talent who is competent or has achievements could be provided with platforms, honors and incentives.

Young people are full of new ideas, he said, and the Premier urged efforts to support outstanding youth to take a leading role in major scientific research projects, enabling them to achieve more results during their golden age.

He also expressed his hope that scientists and highly-skilled talents in older generations could create a bigger space for their descendants.

Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua, state councilors Wang Yong and Xiao Jie, and He Lifeng, head of the National Development and Reform Commission, also attended the activity.