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Marriage Certificate and Divorce Certificate samples: Interior
Updated: Aug 21,2014 8:34 PM     

Size of certificate


The latest Marriage Certificate and Divorce Certificate abandoned the emotional coloring previously adopted. Tree peony, the national flower of China, is used as the main element for both certificates with similar pattern and coloring.

Detailed explanations of design and printing are as followed:

1. Specifications: 195mm ×135mm

(Note: The picture above shows the semi-manufactured sample of the certificate interior.)

2. Materials:

(1) The interior uses traceable anti-counterfeiting printing paper patterned with distinguishable watermark of “double happiness”. It weighs 100g per square meter. The watermark is stereoscopic with distinct tactility. The flexibility, compressive strength, and folding strength are satisfactory. As the widely used anti-counterfeiting printing material, it is also moisture-proof and suitable for long-term storage;

(2) Numbers are printed with red fluorescent anti-counterfeiting printing ink;

(3) The shading pattern and images of tree peony are printed with strictly specified and colored printing ink.

3. Anti-counterfeiting designs:

Authenticity of the certificates is safeguarded by advanced anti-counterfeiting technology used on monetary notes.

(1) Hand-drawn anti-counterfeiting engraving; carved shading (all pages);

(2) Hand-drawn image of tree peony (front cover 2);

(3) Miniature anti-counterfeiting printing of “JIEHUNZHENG” (interior 3);

(4) Gradually-changing three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting patterns carved by machine (front cover 2);

(5) It has newly adopted a unique 10-digit serial number that reveals the region and date of issuance for each certificate, enabling the searching and calculating of microcomputers. Meanwhile, the red fluorescent printing ink becomes visible when irradiated by ultraviolet lights, enhancing the anti-counterfeiting effect (front cover 3).

(6) High-quality anti-counterfeiting printing paper manufactured by factories that print monetary notes (all pages);

(7) Shading printed with strictly specified colors;

4. Font:

All fonts selected from Hanyi Ziku, an authoritative font database, are accordingly anti-counterfeiting.

(1)“Printed and supervised by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China” on the second page of the front cover: Zhonghei 6.1;

(2)“The application conforms to the Marriage (Divorce) Law of the People’s Republic of China. We give them the permission to register and hereby issue this Marriage (Divorce) Certificate” on the first page of the interior: STFangsong 4.6;

(3)Other words: STFangsong 4.6.