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Tips for Chinese Government Scholarship Winners

Updated: Aug 18,2014 3:37 PM     China Scholarship Council

Visa Application

Chinese Government Scholarship winners should apply for a visa to study in China to the Chinese embassy or consulate-general with the original documents and photocopies of the Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China (JW201), Foreigner Physical Examination Form and valid ordinary passport. Those who will study in China for more than 6 months must apply for “X1” visa, and those who will study in China for less than 6 months (including 6 months) can apply for“X2”visa. Students who come to China with other types of passports, visas or without the original documents will not be able to register with institutions, nor will they be able to apply for the residence permit in China.

Visa application cost is at student’s own expense.

Transfer Service

The Transfer Service Station for Chinese Government Scholarship students in Beijing Language and Culture University will provide a transfer service to new full scholarship students who have to make a stopover in Beijing to other cities between August 25th and September 15th, 2014. Detailed services provided during the stopover are as follows:

1. Pickup service at Beijing Airport. Students are kindly requested to inform the Transfer Service Office of their arrival date and the flight number one week in advance.

2. Free accommodation on campus (twin room).

3. One-off settlement subsidy.

4. Necessary medical service during the transfer.

5. A hard-seat or hard-berth train ticket from Beijing to the city where the host institution is located.

Transfer Service Station for Chinese Government Scholarship Students

Tel: 0086-10-82303706

Fax: 0086-10-82303326


Add: No. 15 Xueyuan Lu, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China

Post Code: 100083

The full scholarship students who arrive in Beijing before or after the transfer service period or those who make a stopover in cities other than Beijing shall go to the host institutions by themselves. Their hard-seat or hard-berth train ticket between the port of entry and the city of the host institutions will be reimbursed by the host universities after registration with the original tickets. They will receive the one-off settlement subsidy after registration.

Registration, Health Verification and Residence Permit


Scholarship students must register with the host universities before the deadline of the registration as specified in Admission Letter with the original Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China (JW201) and Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Those who are unable to register on time must get permission from the host institution directly. Those who fail to register without the prior consent of the institution will be considered as voluntarily giving up the scholarship and the scholarship will be automatically terminated.

Health Verification and Residence Permit

Health verification: Scholarship students who are to stay in China for more than 6 months are requested to submit the original documents of their passport, Admission Letter, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and Blood Test Report to the local health quarantine office to have their physical examination reports verified. Scholarship students who do not meet the requirements of the above authority will be required to re-take the physical examination. Those who refuse to re-take the physical examination or are diagnosed with diseases that are not permitted to stay in China according to the Chinese laws and regulations will be required to leave China.

Residence Permit: Upon their arrival in China, scholarship students must apply for residence permit to the local police authority before the deadline regulated by the visa-issuing authority with their passport, Admission Letter, Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201), verified health report, and photograph that meets the image requirements of the authority.

Application for Change

Scholarship students are not permitted, in general, to change their academic programs, host universities or the duration of study. Those who need to change for acceptable reasons are required to apply to CSC via their host universities.