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State Administration of Work Safety

Updated: Sep 4,2014 11:14 AM

The State Administration of Work Safety is directly under the State Council, and its responsibilities include:

To guide and coordinate national work safety inspections;

To qualify and supervise the social agencies that provide tests and examinations, safety appraisals, safety training, safety consulting for industrial, mining, and commercial enterprises;

To organize and guide education concerning national work safety;

To train for work safety supervisors and coal mine safety supervisors;

To organize, guide and supervise, in accordance with the law, the assessment of workers from specially identified industries (excluding the operators of special equipment), and the safety qualifications of chief administrators and safety supervisors of enterprises;

To supervise and inspect work safety training of enterprises;

To supervise the work safety of the industrial, mining, commercial enterprises that are under the central government, and ensure that these enterprises implement related work safety laws and regulations;

To organize and carry out international exchanges and cooperation concerning work safety with foreign governments, international organizations and NGOs.