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General Administration of Sport of China

Updated: Sep 4,2014 9:46 AM

The General Administration of Sport of China is a national administrative organization. Its major responsibilities are:

To research, develop, implement, and supervise the policy and regulations of sports;

To guide and promote the reform of the sports industry, plan the long and medium term development strategy for national sports, and coordinate the development of regional sports;

To implement and guide the national exercise project and national physical exercise standard, and monitor the health of all athletes;

To plan the development of China’s athletic sports, coordination of national sports events and games;

To fight against performance-enhancing drug use and other unfair competition acts;

To manage foreign affairs related to the sports industry, enhance cooperation with other countries and regions, especially with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao;

To organize and participate in major international sports events, and assist the hosting of such events in China;

To support research and development of sports technologies;

To implement policies governing the sports industry, develop the sports market, formulate criteria for sports businesses;

To examine the eligibility of national sports associations;

To undertake other projects assigned by the State Council.