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National Railway Administration

Updated: Sep 12,2014 3:04 PM

The main functions of the National Railway Administration:

To formulate laws, regulations and provisions for the supervision and administration of the railways; participate in researching plans and policies for railway development, as well as reform of its institutional structure; study and put forward technical standards and norms for railway technology and supervise implementation;

To supervise and ensure safety in railway operations; research and put forward regulations on railway transportation safety, construction quality and equipment quality; issue administrative approvals; and organize or participate in investigating and dealing with accidents;

To standardize railway transportation, engineering construction, and market order; supervise transportation and service quality; supervise railway companies, especially transportation for public interests;

To monitor and analyze the operational conditions in railways; release official statistics;

To develop international communications and cooperation with foreign governments.

To undertake other tasks as requested by the State Council and the Ministry of Transport.