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State Bureau of Civil Servants

Updated: Sep 12,2014 2:59 PM

The main functions of the State Bureau of Civil Servants:

To cooperate with various departments to draft laws and regulations to categorize, recruit, evaluate, reward, punish, train and dismiss public servants; draft rules and regulations for recruitment and appointment; enforce the rules and regulations; and supervise and examine the enforcement;

To draft a code of conduct, occupational ethics and requirements concerning professional skills for public servants; standardize the categorization and regulation of public servants; supervise public servants according to the law; and assume responsibility for the registration of information and for the records of public servants;

To improve the civil service exam; organize exams to recruit public servants of the central government according to the state civil servant law;

To improve the assessment system; plan and standardize the training of public servants; and organize and train public servants from the central government;

To improve the legal system which allows civil servants to appeal and also allows them to press charges; improve the appointment system and also the arbitration system in case of personnel disputes; and defend the lawful rights and interests of public servants;

To cooperate with relevant departments to create the national honor system and incentive system; examine winners of state-level rewards; lead and coordinate the process of rewards; and examine state-level activities related to rewards;

To undertake other tasks as requested by the State Council and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.