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Research Office of the State Council

Updated: Sep 12,2014 3:38 PM

The functions of the Research Office of the State Council:

To participate in investigating, consulting and decision-making concerning China’s Reform and Opening-up Policy and economic development;

To draft reports on the work of the government and coordinate the drafting of documents for major conferences at the State Council;

To participate in drafting documents for major conferences of the Party Central Committee;

To organize and coordinate the drafting and revisions of major documents for the State Council in accordance with instructions of State Council officials;

To draft speech scripts for State Council officials;

To study and analyze the domestic and international economic situation, economic policies and social policies in major countries;

To provide constructive advice on policy-making;

To collect, analyze, regulate and report important information on economic and social development;

To provide constructive advice to the State Council on decision-making;

To undertake other tasks as requested by the State Council.