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Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council

Updated: Sep 12,2014 4:33 PM

The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China is an administrative office which assists the Premier in handling affairs related to overseas Chinese. The Office’s major responsibilities are:

To study and formulate the guidelines, policies and regulations concerning overseas Chinese affairs, as well as to supervise and check their implementation;

To conduct research and study on the development of overseas Chinese affairs both domestically and abroad, so as to provide the information to the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council;

To formulate a plan for overseas Chinese affairs;

To assist the Premier in the administration of overseas Chinese affairs;

To review policies directly related to overseas Chinese affairs - as suggested by the relevant ministries or local governments;

To coordinate work of relevant departments and social organizations related to overseas Chinese affairs;

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese;

To enhance unity and friendship in overseas Chinese communities;

To maintain contact with and support overseas Chinese media and Chinese language schools;

To increase cooperation and exchanges between overseas Chinese and China - related to the economy, science, culture and education;

To protect in accordance with the law the rights and interests of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives;

To draft and formulate, together with relevant departments, the guidelines and policies concerning returned overseas Chinese and their family members;

To assist relevant departments in the selection of deputies among returned overseas Chinese and their family members.