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State Administration for Religious Affairs

Updated: Sep 15,2014 10:16 AM

The State Administration for Religious Affairs is a functional department under the State Council in charge of religious affairs.

Its major responsibilities are:

To protect the freedom of religious belief of Chinese citizens as required by law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of religious groups and the venues of their activities, ensure the religious leaders can conduct regular religions activities - and ensure citizens who wish to do so can take part in regular religious activities;

To monitor issues related to religion at home and abroad, and to investigate various religious beliefs;

To draft laws, rules and regulations relating to religion, research and draft departmental rules and regulations, as well as specific policies relating to religion;

To supervise the implementation of laws, rules and regulations relating to religion, offer guidance to religious groups concerning the law and the country’s policies - and prevent and curb illegal, irregular and illegitimate activities under the guise of religion;

To organize and guide promotional activities related to the country’s policy on religion and issues concerning legality;

To support initiatives to promote patriotism, socialism, reunification of the motherland, and solidarity among individuals belonging to religious groups; and unite and motivate citizens with religious beliefs to assist the country’s process of reform and opening up, as well as economic construction;

To assist religious groups in educating religious leaders, managing religious schools, and promoting self-reliance development, help religious groups handle issues supported or coordinated by the government;

To direct the work of religious affairs departments under local people’s governments, and assist local people’s governments to promptly resolve key issues relating to religion;

To support and help religious groups with their international communications, as well as communications with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Macao SAR and Taiwan;

To undertake any other tasks designated by the State Council.