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State Administration of Coal Mine Safety

Updated: Oct 6,2014 3:18 PM

The State Administration of Coal Mine Safety is responsible for developing policies for coal mine safety.


1. To develop policies for coal mine safety; to participate in drafting laws and regulations governing coal mine safety; to develop rules and standards for coal mine safety; and to propose programs and objectives for coal mine safety.

2. To inspect and direct coal mine safety supervision in various regions, and to supervise regions concerning their implementation of mine safety laws and standards, closing mines without proper safety conditions, safety supervision and enforcement, specialized mine safety campaigns, and tackling mine hazards, and to provide opinions and proposals to relevant regional governments and agencies.

3. To be in charge of managing the issuance of work safety licenses to coal mines, certifying safety qualifications, and supervising safety training.

4. To supervise and examine workplace hygiene in coal mines; to be in charge of managing the issuance of occupational health licenses, and investigating coal mine occupational hazards, accidents and illegal conduct.

5. To perform targeted, specialized and/or regular mine safety inspections; to supervise mining enterprises concerning their implementation of work safety laws and regulations, work safety conditions, the safety of equipment and facilities; and to take on-the-spot measures to deal with or inflict administrative punishment on violations at coal mines.

6. To release information on coal mine safety and analyzing data on coal mine accidents and occupational hazards around the country; to organize or participate in investigating and handling accidents in coal mines and supervising the punitive measures.

7. To examine the safety of major coal mining projects; to organize reviews of the design and also examination of safety facilities of mine construction projects and to deal with coal mining enterprises that do not conform to safety standards.

8. To organize, direct and coordinate mine emergency rescue operations.

9. To direct scientific research on mine safety and to organize inspection of the safety of equipment, materials and instruments used in coal mines.

10. To offer guidance to coal mining enterprises on workplace safety management; to assess coal production capacity and close coal mines in coordination with relevant authorities; to review coal mine safety technological renovation projects and gas treatment and utility programs.

11. To undertake other tasks as requested by the State Council and the State Administration of Work Safety.