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China launches its first national traffic management website

Updated: Dec 2,2014 1:40 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) kicked off the first nationwide traffic management website on Dec 2, according to a ministry announcement.

Coinciding with the country’s annual “Traffic Safety Day” that falls on Dec 2, the website “” will provide real time traffic data to the public, especially useful for private car users.

The website will base its data on the information collected and reported by the nation’s 270,000 traffic policemen and video surveillance records to better guarantee traffic safety.

The public can instantly consult with traffic police online and learn about hot topics and events in traffic control, said head of the traffic bureau of the MPS.

The traffic department will make policy and enforcement adjustments in line with the suggestions submitted online, he said.

The website will also play a role in road safety education, giving traffic knowledge lectures and safe travel tips to the public.

There was no national official traffic information inquiry website in the past. Previously, the only option was to log onto local websites or go to the city’s transport administration to inquire on records, causing inconvenience for the public and loopholes for information tampering.