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Nationwide job fairs to recruit over half a million new graduates

Updated: Nov 21,2016 12:02 PM

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is planning to hold weeklong job fairs nationwide to provide more employment opportunities to college graduates, according to news released by the ministry on Nov 20.

According to the preliminary data, a total of 22,000 companies will be available at 177 job fairs, and they plan to recruit over half a million new graduates.

The weeklong event will also include 160 human resources-related institutions. And 135 websites will open online job fairs that are estimated to provide 550,000 posts. Online recruiting information indicates that the posts cover a variety of industries, including e-commerce, consumer goods, trade, online gaming, IT, communications, media, commercial centers, real estate and finance.

Among the posts, the 10 most popular jobs are sales, administration, IT, finance, marketing, education, tourism, mechanics, real estate and design.

The annual event organized by the ministry began in 2003.