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China creates over 13 million new urban jobs for 4 consecutive years

Updated: Mar 1,2017 7:17 PM

The latest figures from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS) show that China managed to create more than 13 million urban jobs for four consecutive years, despite downward pressure and industrial restructuring in the Chinese economy.

The registered unemployment rate in Chinese cities was relatively low over the past four years, according to Yin Weimin, head of MHRSS, at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office on March 1. The stable employment situation can be primarily attributed to four factors, Yin said.

First is sustained economic development, which lays a foundation for stabilizing and expanding employment. Last year, China saw a 6.7 percent GDP growth and a total economic volume exceeding 74 trillion RMB ($10.8 trillion), Yin pointed out.

The second reason, according to Yin, is that the industrial structure is constantly being optimized. The tertiary industry can create on average of 20 percent more jobs than the secondary industry. Last year, the tertiary industry’s contribution to China’s GDP was as high as 51.6 percent, 11.8 percent higher than that of the secondary industry.

Reform, the third factor, has continuously yielded large dividends over the past few years. The current government has deepened administrative reform and transformed government functions, and launched a series of business reforms, in addition to cultivating mass entrepreneurship and innovation. With the increase of new technologies, businesses and growth impetus, available forms of employment have consequently been diversified. The effect of entrepreneurship is also to create jobs.

The implementation of positive employment policies and a public employment service system at all levels of government contributes to the stable employment situation as well, Yin noted.