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Ministers respond to social concerns during two sessions

Updated: Mar 6,2017 9:42 AM     China Daily

Greater efforts will be exerted this year to counter extravagance and unnecessary bureaucracy. We will also pay greater attention to lower-level corrupt officials, or “flies”, who the public often complain about. Supervisory commissions have been established on a pilot basis in Beijing, and the provinces of Shanxi and Zhejiang. These programs contribute to our accumulation of experience as we push forward with anti-graft legislation.

— Yang Xiaodu, supervision minister

The ministry has begun to curb the rise of telemarketing scams, which was growing in momentum last year. From the start of the year 2016 to its end, the number of scams reported fell by 80 percent. More than 700,000 phones involved in such scams were deactivated, while the ministry also took down 1,753 pieces of software that could aid scammers by helping them disguise their real phone numbers.

— Miao Wei, industry and information technology minister

Cross-Straits relations face more complicated and severe challenges this year. However, our policies will not change because of the change in the political situation in Taiwan. The Chinese mainland will resolutely uphold the one-China principle, oppose “Taiwan independence” and safeguard the peace and stability of cross-Straits ties. The Chinese mainland will also promote cross-Straits exchanges and more coordinated social and economic development across the Straits.

— Zhang Zhijun, head of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council

Local authorities should conduct thorough research and foster maximum consensus before launching a congestion charge to reduce gridlock. Its implementation must be in line with the law. We also encourage local authorities to step up regulation and implement strategies based on their cities’ situations. It is also important for bicycle-sharing operators to improve their services and for users to obey social protocols.

— Li Xiaopeng, transport minister

Large-scale farms now account for 50 percent of the milk supply in the dairy sector, and the use of machinery is commonplace. The top 20 milk enterprises’ sales and production now make up half the sector. These changes are indicators that China’s dairy sector is heading for rejuvenation. I believe that someday foreign tourists will purchase Chinese milk powder when they visit China.

— Han Changfu, agriculture minister

“Impoverished counties” can still benefit from poverty alleviation policies for a certain period after they have been lifted out poverty. Extending favorable polices to these counties can help boost their development and prevent them from falling into poverty again.

— Liu Yongfu, head of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development