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Chinese scientists develop new controlled-release pesticide

Updated: May 21,2018 9:22 AM     Xinhua

BEIJING — Chinese scientists have developed a light-responsive controlled-release pesticide that can increase efficiency and is more environmental-friendly.

Conducted by scientists from Hefei Institute of Physical Science under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research was published online in Chemical Engineering Journal in May.

Pesticides play an important role in maintaining stable and high agricultural output. However, traditional pesticides are difficult to achieve on-demand dosing, resulting in low utilization rates and causing serious environmental pollution.

The pesticide is made with a nanocomposite and has high sensitivity to ultraviolet-visible light. It can efficiently regulate the release of pesticides through light, realize the on-demand supply of pesticides, and significantly improve the utilization rate.

The pesticide also possesses good adhesion performance and control efficacy.

The research provides an environmental-friendly approach to control the release of pesticides.

China has seen increasing research and technological breakthroughs in controlled-release pesticide in recent years.