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China toughens crackdown on dishonest behaviors in charity work

Updated: Sep 8,2018 12:52 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — Ministry of Civil Affairs has intensified a campaign to crack down on dishonest behaviors in charity work.

A regulation released by the ministry requiring charities to provide factual information to the public in a complete and timely manner took effect on Sept 1.

According to the regulation, information required to be disclosed includes charity groups’ public donations, major asset changes, transactions and investments.

This is part of the ministry’s campaign that aims to increase the credibility of charity organizations.

The ministry has established the “Charity in China” website that publishes information about charities.

Early this year, China established a mechanism that shares information on charities’ credibility, specified five types of dishonest entities including charities, donors and beneficiaries that will be blacklisted and stipulated 24 punishment measures.

The ministry will smooth out tip-off channels and toughen punishment on dishonest behaviors. Anyone who is found to be involved in donation fraud will be transferred to public security authorities, the ministry said.