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Ministries respond to public concerns

Xu Wei
Updated: Jan 3,2019 7:07 AM     China Daily

Several ministry-level departments, including those for commerce, veterans affairs and public security, have responded recently to issues of public concern.

Measures to ensure supply of Spring Festival necessities

The Ministry of Commerce said on Dec 27 that a number of measures will be adopted to ensure the supply of daily necessities in the market during the Spring Festival holiday, which begins on Feb 5, the start of the Lunar New Year.

Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said it will prioritize measures to enable better alignment between production and sales to ensure the supply of key products such as pork and other necessities.

The ministry will launch a daily market briefing mechanism to increase the supply of pork from central and local reserves when necessary during the festive period, he said.

The mechanism will also help the ministry publish timely information about supply and demand during extreme weather conditions or major price hikes to better guide business operations and public consumption, he said.

The ministry will also encourage promotions that combine elements of local customs, tourism and specialties to boost consumption, he added.

Education and training to improve military veterans’ job prospects

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs said on Dec 29 it will take steps to improve the level of education and training of military veterans to improve their competitiveness in the job market.

The ministry said it plans to encourage veterans to receive academic education and to better implement supporting policies, including providing free education and training.

More vocational education will be made available to veterans to enhance their employability, with more job-oriented and specific training programs, it said.

The ministry will step up cooperation with both State-owned and private companies, organize regional job fairs for veterans, and set up information platforms to share job posts.

Veterans who want to start businesses can also enjoy tax cuts, and the ministry will set up investment funds and provide professional guidance as part of support measures.

Veterans can also enjoy preferential policies, including in pensions, medical services, housing, transport and their children’s education. The benefits will differ according to each veteran’s contribution while in service, the ministry said.

Regulation aims to bolster safety and authority of police

A regulation has been issued to safeguard the authority of the police during law enforcement activities, the Ministry of Public Security said on Dec 29.

It said the regulation is meant to ensure that public security officers perform their duties according to the law, and to safeguard the authority of the law and the police.

According to the regulation, when police officers perform their duties in accordance with the law, they are protected by the law and should not be hurt or obstructed.

The safety of police officers and their close relatives shall not be threatened or infringed, and their dignity shall not be insulted or disparaged, it said.

Big data effort the key to new television ratings system

The National Radio and Television Administration said on Dec 26 that it has started a trial run for a new system that provides audience ratings based on big data and prevents falsified viewing figures.

The new system, which has been developed since 2016, will determine audience size by collecting data directly from cable TV service providers, the administration said.

It has collected data from about 40 million TV viewers so far, including viewing figures for live, on-demand and other types of TV programs, administration official Yu Ying said, adding that it is expected to cover hundreds of millions of people in the future.

Unlike the old system, which was based on surveys with limited sample sizes, the new system will gather data directly from viewers, Yu said, providing numbers that accurately reflect what is being watched and by how many people.