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Police efforts to be vigorous over holiday

Zhang Yan
Updated: Jan 16,2019 8:21 AM     China Daily

Chinese police will redouble their efforts to crack down on various crimes to ensure the security and stability of society ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Feb 5, the Ministry of Public Security said on Jan 15.

Since numerous people will use railways or airlines to go home to spend the holiday, it’s inevitable that the number of robberies, thefts and other violent crimes will rise, ministry spokesman Guo Lin said.

“We will boost efforts to crack down on various crimes, including those involving property, to guarantee the safety of people’s lives and property,” she said.

Since December, according to the ministry, police across the country have dealt with 2,378 cases involving the scalping of train tickets, arrested 2,558 suspects and confiscated 29,449 train tickets and 48,804 fake ones.

In addition, police have uncovered 774 cases involving theft and arrested 698 suspects. They have smashed 12 organized gangs and captured 5,000 fugitives. The police have also dealt with 3,000 illegal behaviors, including taking another person’s seat and refusing to move when asked, and administratively detained 500 offenders.

“We started a two-month special campaign last week at railway stations to fight violent crimes and crimes involving property and ticket scalping to further ensure passengers’ safety and satisfaction,” said Bai Shaoqiang, deputy director of the ministry’s railway bureau.

In the campaign, the railway police will work closely with their colleagues from other departments to maintain order at stations, he said.

The police will also use dogs and intensify armed patrols in key areas. They will also focus aggressively on ticket scalpers, aiming for five-minute response times, Bai said.

Officers will focus on robbery and fraud in an effort to prevent serious cases, and behavior such as ticket scalping and disturbing the peace while drunk will be severely punished, Bai added.

Police will also prepare contingency plans to cope with emergencies, including bad weather, equipment failure and stranded passengers, he said.