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Crackdown to target makers of fake products

Updated: Mar 6,2019 11:10 AM

Authorities overseeing the market place will implement new regulations this year to more effectively impose the strictest punishment on violators found guilty of the production and selling of fake or substandard goods, a top sector official said on March 5.

China will establish systems to subject such violators to more severe punishment, including hefty fines and compensation for consumers, Zhang Mao, minister in charge of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said. Violators will have all fake or substandard products identified, confiscated and destroyed, he said.

A whistle blower system will be established to more effectively deter such violations, he said.

“Through these efforts we will make manufacturers of fake or substandard goods pay a price they will not be able to afford,” he said.

Market regulators across China will focus on key areas in tackling law violations involving fake or substandard goods this year, including food products, pharmaceuticals, and products for children and the elderly, Zhang said.

“To eliminate fake or substandard products requires lasting efforts, and we will keep making efforts in this area unswervingly,” he said.