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China to ensure safe, organized holiday season

Updated: Mar 26,2019 8:01 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a circular urging local authorities to conduct safety checks and improve infrastructure to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Relevant local departments are to conduct comprehensive safety checks on tourism-related industries and facilities including tourist attractions, recreation facilities, hotels and catering services, among others, according to the circular.

Local authorities should also provide traffic, weather and other tourist information in a timely manner, take measures to maintain order and relieve traffic pressure in crowded places including airports and train stations, said the circular.

The ministry also urged all local authorities to maintain high pressure on illegal activities such as providing unlicensed tourist services, forcing tourists to make purchases and releasing misleading advertisements.

China will see three public holidays in the next three months, namely the Tomb Sweeping Day in early April, the May Day, and the Dragon Boat Festival in early June, during which many Chinese choose to go on trips.