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Eye surgery, tourism safety and soccer goal among key issues

Xu Wei
Updated: Apr 9,2019 7:33 AM     China Daily

Several ministry-level departments, including health, culture, tourism and education, have responded recently to issues of public concern.

New oversight boost for children’s eye surgery

China will step up oversight of refractive eye surgeries that are performed mainly on children and young people, according to a notice released on April 3.

The notice, jointly released by ministries including the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education, called for greater oversight of institutions and individuals.

These institutions and individuals should not mislead parents with slogans that refractive eye surgery could enable the “curing” or “rehabilitation” of symptoms of myopia. It also vowed harsh penalties for institutions or individuals that misled the public with slogans that they could use traditional Chinese medicine to cure myopia.

It also urged local health authorities to step up crackdowns on unqualified institutions or individuals performing eye surgery. Institutions found with products or devices that are below standard will be punished.

The notice also called for market regulators to enhance law enforcement to reduce misleading advertisements in the sector and step up quality inspection on contact lenses.

Safety checks to be increased for tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has called for enhanced safety checks to ensure the safety of individuals and the prevention of large-scale accidents in a notice issued on April 2.

The ministry required strict examination of chartered vehicles and their drivers for tour agencies. Tour agencies are urged to pay close attention to flood conditions. Fire safety checks will also be conducted in scenic areas.

The ministry also asked for enhanced safety checks on overseas tourist products and to bar the sale of products with potential safety hazards.

The ministry stressed enhancing communication and coordination with public security, transportation, health and meteorological authorities and to widely release warnings in a timely manner via television, the internet and broadcasting.

Kindergartens get a soccer goal for pupils

The Ministry of Education launched a pilot program to promote soccer in kindergartens.

The ministry said in a notice issued on April 1 that 50 to 200 kindergartens will be selected in each provincial-level region for the program that aims to cultivate interest in the sport and create an atmosphere favorable for soccer culture to grow, the ministry said.

Various physical activities tailored for children will be held, during which they will be encouraged to run, jump, climb, pitch and bounce balls to promote the development of their basic sports abilities.

The authorities said it is important to enable children to enjoy the fun of soccer and nurture their interests. Kindergartens should provide the children with learning materials on soccer that can stir their interest to learn and explore the game.

It added that kindergartens must give top priority to children’s safety and health, and encourage parents to take part in the soccer games.

Swine fever checks to be beefed up nationally

China will beef up endeavors for the monitoring and testing of African swine fever, according to a notice released on April 3.

Pork product processors, sellers and restaurants must establish strict mechanisms for the checks and records as they purchase pork products, said the notice, jointly released by the State Administration for Market Regulation and another two departments.

They must also ensure that pork they purchased carried quarantine reports showing that they were free of African swine fever, the notice said, adding that pork processors must immediately lock down pork found to be positive of the swine fever and report the case to authorities.

Market regulators must also beef up oversight at markets, sellers of agricultural products and restaurants and focus their efforts on ensuring pork products had adequate quarantine reports, the notice said.