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China warns against fake donation ‘charity’ events

Updated: Apr 20,2019 1:40 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — The Ministry of Civil Affairs released a circular on April 19 warning the public against unauthorized events that recycle worn clothes in the name of charity.

Civil affairs administrations and the public across the country have recently filed reports on such events, where unqualified organizers would collect used items such as clothes from the public, and would then sell them for profit, according to the circular.

Public donation events, according to the country’s Charity Law, can only be held by registered and qualified social organizations, the circular noted.

The unqualified events violated the Charity Law, infringed on the rights of the donors and tainted the image of charity, the social organization management bureau of the ministry said in the circular, asking the public to better identify and report such fraudulent acts in time to civil affairs administrations.

Before taking part in charitable donations, people can check on platforms such as “Charity in China” ( if the organizers and sponsors of the events have the qualifications for public donations, according to the circular.

If they are not qualified and seek profits in the name of charity, people can file reports to public security organs, the bureau added.