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State Councilor inspects state-owned enterprises in Shandong

Updated: Apr 12,2015 2:57 PM

State-owned enterprises should set an example in maintaining stable economic growth and improving the quality and efficiency of economic operation, State Councilor Wang Yong said on April 10 when inspecting state-owned enterprises in Shandong province.

Wang inspected and researched some state-owned enterprises in Jinan, Shandong province from April 9 to 10. He also presided at a meeting with SOE representatives to learn more about their production management and listened to their suggestions.

Wang praised the positive progress achieved by these enterprises through reform and development. He also pointed out that current management conditions should be analyzed comprehensively and objectively and that the drop in revenue and profit should be paid attention to. Wang asked state-owned enterprises to see challenge as opportunity and pressure as motivational power.

The state councilor stressed that government at all levels should transform functions, streamline administration, delegate powers, and cancel and regulate enterprise-related fees. He emphasized that burdens should be eased on enterprises and a good environment should be created for them.

Wang also mentioned that reform within enterprises should be deepened, and a restrictive mechanism should be established and improved to stimulate their vitality, creativity and competitive power. State-owned enterprises should make efforts to improve profits and be more supportive to the achievement of a stable yearly economic growth.