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State councilor rejects false claim about China’s foreign aid

Updated: Oct 31,2018 8:17 PM     Xinhua

PORT MORESBY — China’s foreign aid is carried out on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, openness and sustainability, said State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi who is on a visit to Papua New Guinea on Oct 31.

Wang made the remarks during the joint press conference with Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato, when responding to a question about some Western countries and media’s claim that China’s aid for Pacific island countries caused debt burden for them.

China’s aid for Pacific island countries is in fact the mutual support and assistance between developing countries, and is an important part of South-South cooperation, Wang said.

China’s foreign aid is offered on an equal basis, with full respect for the will of the governments and people of the recipient countries. It comes without interfering in their domestic affairs or any political strings attached, he said.

China always ensures that the foreign aid is mutually beneficial, taking into consideration the financial sustainability of the recipients when carrying out aid projects, he added.

China offers foreign aid in an open manner, not for targeting any third party but for making the pie of cooperation bigger, he said, adding that China is willing to carry out third party cooperation with other countries.

Moreover, China’s foreign aid is sustainable, aiming at empowering the recipients to overcome their development bottlenecks and achieve self-supported and sustainable development, he said.

China always uphold the right approach to justice and interests with a priority to justice. This approach can stand the test of time and the judgment of the international community, said Wang.

Those who criticize China’s good deeds should rather do more themselves to help the Pacific island countries, he added.