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State councilor presses for better administrative services

Updated: Dec 26,2018 10:31 AM

Xiao Jie, state councilor and secretary general of the State Council, addressed a national meeting of secretaries general and directors of administrative offices at all levels on Dec 25 in Beijing.

Government offices, under the premise of an upright political attitude, should adapt to the ever-changing situations in the country, fulfill new tasks, and meet renewed requirements, Xiao said.

Overall planning and coordination should be stepped up, he added, with solid implementation of policies and all-around improvements in administrative services, in a bid to help boost economic development and uphold an orderly society.

The work of government offices, against the backdrop of changing circumstances, should scale new heights with administrative officers committed to their work.

Additionally, government offices, under the guidelines of the Communist Party of China, should further propel their development, adhere to the principle of diligence, adopt an active and pragmatic attitude, and purge formulism and bureaucracy, in order to achieve an all-around improved governmental performance.